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Most marketing agencies and professional services firms would never publish their pricing. You may be wondering why we do. The Symmes Group publishes our pricing for three key purposes:

1. Commitment to Integrity and Transparency

First and foremost, publishing prices for our wide range of offerings serves as a testament to our commitment to integrity and transparency. By openly displaying our prices, we aim to establish trust with both current and prospective customers. Furthermore, we aspire to share costs upfront so there are no surprises or “sticker shock” later on. This transparency fosters a sense of reliability and accountability, so customers can also compare our prices with competitors and make informed decisions. As we embrace core values focused on transparency, integrity, and honesty, we are committed to you and your business’s best interests.

2. Competitive Pricing and Cost-effectiveness

Next, our decision to publish prices aligns with our strategy to maintain ultra-competitive pricing in the market. At TSG, we leverage remote collaboration and do not have a traditional brick and mortar office, we have less overhead costs. This allows us to minimize expenses, allowing us to pass on the savings to our clients. Beyond our competitive prices, we also take pride in our cost-effectiveness and strive to showcase the unique value proposition and affordability of our offerings.

3. Consistency and Efficiency

Additionally, publishing our prices aligns with our dedication to consistency and efficiency. Our published prices, as well as our cost calculator tool, allow potential clients to gain immediate insight without even needing to initiate contact, send emails, or wait for proposals. This streamlined process is just the first step of the seamless experiences you will have when working with TSG. Moreover, this consistency in our pricing approach serves as a testament to our aforementioned commitment to integrity and transparency. By maintaining transparent pricing and prioritizing efficiency, we empower our clients to make informed decisions and build relationships of trust.

To summarize, publishing prices highlights the value we provide to our clients. Beyond just affordability, our pricing reflects the quality, flexibility, and efficiency that come with The Symmes Group and Tailored Strategic Growth. By openly communicating this value and delivering exceptional results, we empower individuals, businesses, and other local organizations to make informed decisions on not only price but also value. This commitment to capturing value and delivering results resonates with our mission and customer-centric focus as we work to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our clients.

Plans For Every Budget

We display our standard prices and offerings on our website and marketing materials, ensuring transparency and accessibility for all customers. However, we also recognize the importance of catering to unique needs and circumstances. Because of this, we offer discounted packages and additional promotions on a case-by-case basis, tailored to specific customer requirements or preferences. This personalized approach allows us to accommodate varying budgets and requirements while maintaining our commitment to delivering value and exceptional service. Check out our package options and a la carte menu for additional pricing information. 

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Enjoy the convenience and cost savings of ongoing support with our flexible package options. Offering a range of services tailored to your needs, package agreements ensure strategic planning, precision, and priority.

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Explore our marketing à la carte menu allowing you to select a product/service(s) to help meet a specific marketing need at any given time.  Cherry-pick only the deliverables necessary to meet your vision and project goals.  

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